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LAB Profile

“There are no facts only interpretations.”   Freidrich Neitche

Created by Rodger Bailey in the early 1980’s LAB Profiling is based on the principal that every person has a certain number of filters through which they put their own experience, their reality or model of the world. Individually as unique as their fingerprints.

In order to survive in the world we do three things when having an experience: we delete quite a lot of detail, we distort things and we generalise. This is how we unconsciously generate rules, beliefs and principles about what is true, untrue, possible and impossible.

LAB Profile is a systematic way of gathering information using a set of specific questions by which, regardless of what people answer, their unconscious patterns are revealed in the structure of the language they use.

You pay attention to how people answer instead of what they say.

After asking a few simple questions, you can determine what will trigger and maintain someone’s motivation and how they will internally process information. It will help you utilise that person's talents more effectively.

There are 14 traits in the LAB Profile: six motivation traits and eight working traits. The Motivation traits show how people trigger their motivation and behaviour in any given context. The Working traits identify what sustains their motivation. There is nothing good or bad about a particular trait – it is a matter of understanding which is the most appropriate in the particular context for that individual.

The book - Words That Change Minds by Shelle Rose Charvet,  explains how the process works and what makes it so effective. One of its many strengths is that it can be delivered conversationally. It is an immensely powerful tool that allows you to make the most your interactions with the people who you come into contact with. It goes a long way to help understand organisations and how they think and act.

At Hawkeen we are an accredited user of this psychometric tool. Contact us for more information about how this might work for you.

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