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“Anticipating loss creates anxiety, anticipating gain creates excitement” Nelson Zink, The Structure of Delight 1991

Mediation continues to prove to be an attractive alternative to expensive litigation. Mediation is a method for resolving conflict.

A mediator is a neutral, non-judgmental third party who assists the participants to reach their own voluntary agreement through developing choice.

The parties in dispute own the process.

There are other methods of resolving disputes, such as arbitration and adjudication both of which impose an enforceable outcome on the parties in conflict. Mediation does not. Rather, the facilitator will work with both parties to arrive at a settlement that is agreeable to both of them.

Mediation is not about winning or losing; it’s about exploring possible solutions in an atmosphere of cooperation. This may mean there is a better chance for the parties to pursue other opportunities after resolution.

The benefits are its low cost, speed, flexibility and sophistication in handling non-monetary aspects of the dispute.  The focus is always on solutions rather than problems.

Generally it will take no longer than a day. It has the advantage of being completely without prejudice and absolutely confidential. You retain control of the process as you fully participate in the drawing up of any settlement in the form of a Heads of Agreement.

There is a high likelihood of settlement. The success rate in civil and commercial mediation is typically greater than 82%. hawkeen.com works continuously to enhance the service it provides to help parties negotiate deals and resolve disputes.

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