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"Participation is one of the best methods of educating. I hope the child in me never dies".

Tom Glazer

You allowed for space and through that something popped up. Love the way you recap and your tone of voice. You're very good at picking up issues. When I needed time you held silent-space for me to think. Genuine. Action orientated.

I learnt of other horizons to explore and to carry on being curious. Loved your intake form and the follow up emails;

it made me take responsibility.                                          Senior Development Manager - Fast Food Sandwich Chain

Simon is very structured in his approach, with the ability to listen and ask questions that prompt clarification and curiosity.

He has a good sense of humour is easy to talk to. He creates  a safe environment while exploring.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon.   Lean Improvement Manager. Aeronautical Industry Contractor

I worked with Simon, it proved really useful. The things I took away were different ways of approaching my work and my personal life, making improvements in both. No longer feeling low, I am able to focus on my goals & relationships at work.

Senior Cable Jointer. Electricity Utility Transmission & Distribution Network Contractor

I find your patience frankly extraordinary - I now realise, how effective the techniques are for addressing specific work

related problems and I am looking forward to on-going relationships, not the current stalemate.

I have noticed in myself a more calm and mature approach to problems and annoyances dealing with them in a more

constructive way. This is all good & I hope is something that sticks long term.

Interactions have proved unexpectedly enjoyable. I like your sense of humour and your ability to balance humorous

observations & situations with seriousness and focus. It would be very drawn out if you didn't enjoy my jokes.

Becoming wiser to some basic coaching ruses, I find your persistence and the way you ask the same question in a new way helpful in overcoming the resistance I initially show when I think “Oh, I can see what he’s up to now”.

Although I am inherently sceptical of 'New Age', I allow myself to “go with the flow” on the more imaginative exercises.

I find again that I can be lured in to making them work. I like the way our conversations are summarised at the end, confirming my awareness of the understanding.                                                         Self-Employed Financial Director

Thanks for being supportive. It's the mark of a good coach.                      CEO Anglo-American Construction Company     

Monday was very useful. The session was good, you kept me thinking!                             Freelance Performance Coach

Business Leadership Coach:

Simon is straightforward, concise & warm. His incisive questions enabled me to learn for and about myself.

He's very supportive and shares knowledge generously. His relaxed, open style, puts me at ease.

Professor of Education:

Simon's coaching is warm and direct. He respected my needs, both for the scheduling of the sessions and learning style.

He helped me keep focus on set goals. I learned to stay 'open' to different opportunities. I became more aware of my own motivations, values & what is important to me. Simon's Intake Session Questionnaire, was very helpful to reflect and direct some of our sessions. There was always space for reflection, challenging questions; planning and monitoring.                         

Start-up Entrepreneur:

Simon's coaching is direct, solution-focused and challenging. He quickly creates a trusting and safe coaching environment. He challenged my status quo and held me accountable. His questions made me think differently. I've learnt that there is always another perspective and that we all have 'blind spots' and can benefit from impartial eyes.

University Lecturer:

Simon is friendly yet challenging. He is an interested and engaging coach, reminding you of what you say,occasionally paraphrasing to good effect. I have made a major change in my plans [for 2018] and hope this will take my career & life in a different direction. He has re-ignited my passion for Nutrition & Health, & to translate this into new directions.


Simon is practical and solutions-focused. He showed a genuine interest in supporting me to work on my subject & helped me find pathways to the next stage. I have now developed a clear strategy for the critical part of my business.

Biomedical Research Doctor:

Simon has a warm challenging coaching style with a high level of feedback. He has a very specific skill: to be able to focus on the important issue and go deeper to support the client to find a solution.

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