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Neurological levels network explained:

The overall neurological network shown on the following page>, shows the full set of subjects covered by Hawkeen Before you can deal with any of these ‘orbiting’ aspects, you need to understand the structure of the components at the root of all that makes us human. This is what we’ve named the ‘core model’.

At hawkeen.com we help you to identify your unique ‘core model’ and learn how you relate to others around you.

Once identified, Hawkeen can help you to develop a new and purposeful direction to everyone you come into contact with. Building a reassuring trust in others, whether it be in business or in personal life.

About this core model:


Environments is the most basic element and we all survive in an environment, both micro or macro.


Everyone exhibits behaviours - all the time.

These are influenced by our environment.

Capabilities (or skills)

Acquired through Hawkeen’s training or education, can modify these behaviours.

These are...

Inter-dependant from Environments and Behaviours.

These in turn influence:-

Beliefs and Values which go to make up our Identity.

Core model:


Based on model by

Robert Dilts & Nigel Hetherington

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Based on the model

by Robert Dilts &

Nigel Hetherington