The Big 'W's'

Where and When?

We all strive to seek opportunity and look for options at the same time adjusting for constraints and dangers in what we do. You will be able to discover a lot about yourself in our sessions that take place pretty much any time that suits you. We will work together either face to face, via one of the many audio-visual links that are now available or by phone.

What will you do?

What are you thinking about and what actions does that lead to? How might you affect change. In what areas and to what effect? You will experience a more traditional performance coach approach in order to discover what habits you may have that contribute what you do.

What way will you do this?

What skills and capabilities do you have right now and how do they integrate into what you do presently? Are there other abilities, potential and competences that you may find useful to develop? It may be a very simple raising of awareness around a behaviour to something more long term surrounding your overall development.

Why not”?

What’s stopping you from getting what you want? What is important to you and how does it impact upon others? You will discover what motivates you to do certain things and in the service of what. What contribution do you make, where are your connections and what resources do you currently have that will help you?

Who am “I”?

The whole process of coaching will allow you to discover who you are. What is your role and what unique contribution do you bring to any interaction you may have?

At there are two primary tenets:

The first is trust - trust means having faith in someone or something; it is a positive attitude about life. You are confident that the right thing will occur without trying to control it or make it happen. The word truth shares the same origin as trust; we accept that each person has his or her own truth.

The second is that we believe that nothing is random. That means that nothing happens by chance, by accident or at random.

All the work we undertake for customers at involves accepting clients & associates as partners; trusting one another; and ensuring that everything we do has purpose, design and intent.

Everything we do for you is in the strictest confidence.

If you need further reassurance, take a look at our policy statement on our privacy page or gives us call, or send us an email.

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